MC@Play with Nelly Furtado

The Spirit Indestructible singer reveals why she took so much time on her latest album and who would be her dream duet.

So, although we can't stop replaying our video of Nelly Furtado doing a spot-on Shakira impression, we do think there's nothing better than hearing Nelly doing Nelly. Which is why we can't wait for the release of her fifth album, The Spirit Indestructible, which drops Sept. 18.

The Canadian singer/songwriter's last album was back in 2009, so her many different fanbases — one of which, of course, includes MC's Sergio Kletnoy — have been waiting a long time for her latest one.

"When i take a long time between records and when I make totally different records each time, it immediately … gives me that fighter's edge and that competitive thrill," she admits to Sergio.

What else she admits? Her secret obsession with buying corny shot glasses at touristy stores and her dream to duet with Robyn. Nelly, please don't make us wait long for that.