MC@Play with Dragonette

The Canadian power pop trio, Dragonette, made it on the international stage after their collaboration with Martin Solveig for that little hit, "Hello." Now with their worldwide tour around the corner and a third album on the way, they're about to hit it big time.

Canadian-bred and London-residing, Dragonette is the epitome of the playful, hip and sharp underground pop scene. Their first two albums, Galore and Fixin' to Thrill, were filled with solid dance tunes that acquired quite a large following among the electropop crowds overseas and, for a smaller circle, here stateside. Then, the trio teamed up with Martin Solveig, the powerhouse French DJ, to create "Hello," and suddenly, their American presence was established.

Now with their new single, "Let It Go," their third album, Bodyparts, dropping September 25, is already well on its way to being its most popular yet — soon, but not nearly soon enough for us megafans here at Marie Claire.

Our very own Sergio Kletnoy sat down with Dragonette — otherwise known as Martina Sorbara, Dan Kurtz, and Joel Stouffer — giving you an inside look before they hit the big leagues!

And here's the official video for "Let It Go":