Jennifer Lawrence Made More Money Than Any Other Actor in Hollywood This Year

Yes, that's actor, not actress.

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Hollywood has a major gender pay gap problem—this we know. The good news? Forbes has revealed that Jennifer Lawrence was the highest-grossing actor of 2014. Period.

Over the past year, Lawrence's films, including Mockingjay: Part 1and X-Men: Days of Future Past, raked in an astounding $1.4 billion. And let us not forget American Hustle, which was a huge commercial and critical success (and in which, not-so-fun fact, Lawrence and Amy Adams were paid less than their male co-stars).

While there's more transparency than ever concerning the wage disparity, today's news is the perfect reminder that Tinseltown needs to pony up for the women who drive box office sales just as much as—if not more than—their male counterparts.

But let's take a second to bask in the glow of knowing that our girl Lawrence is Hollywood's biggest breadwinner at the ripe old age of 24 and is currently topping the Billboard charts, to boot.

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