8 Photos That Prove Jennifer Aniston Had Way More Fun Than Anyone Else at the Oscars

Oscars shmoscars. Where's the gin?

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Jennifer Aniston is widely acknowledged for being, as she herself put it, "number-one snubbed" at the Oscars this year for not being nominated for her critically-acclaimed performance in Cake. But that sure as hell didn't keep her from having a good time.

Instead of sitting in her seat sporting a grumpy face, or skipping the ceremony entirely as some predicted, Jen showed up looking absolutely stunning and put all the other supposedly fun-having Oscars guests to shame. Just look at the evidence.

Here she is engaged in some aggressively affectionate lady love with Emma Stone:

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Getting her butt grabbed by Reese Witherspoon:

Sharing some awww-inducing moments with Justin Theroux:

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Doing a little "I never age" dance:

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Photobombing J.Lo:

Hugging the life out of everyone, including Selena Gomez:

And, of course, kissing Isla Fisher's baby bump at the Vanity Fair after-party:

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