Robert Pattinson Can "Definitely" See Himself Becoming a Dad

You hear that, FKA Twigs?

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Update, 8/12: Baby on the brain? Robert Pattinson admitted to at a recent film premiere that he is, without a doubt, looking forward to becoming a dad—*someday*.

"Definitely," he told Jolie magazine after being asked if he could imagine becoming a father. "Although I still do not know when. Therefore, I was so attracted by the role in LIFE. At my age, you do not get so many chances to play a father – and certainly not one who leaves his family in the lurch. Personally I imagine it different, of course."

Poppa RPatz! It's all happening! And if it does happen, we can't wait to see who gets to make the baby announcement, given that T-Pain was the first to announce their engagement. Rosie O'Donnell? Jason Schwartzman? Ginuwine? The sky's the limit.

Original story, 8/10: Approximately four months after T-Pain (of all people) announced her engagement to Robert "Ol' Patty" Pattinson, FKA Twigs has revealed that, apparently, you never really can know a person—especially if you refuse to see the movie that catapulted that person to international fame.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, the musician and dancer was asked if she'd ever witnessed Edward Cullen sparkle with the intensity of a thousand cubic zirconia instead of turning into dust like a proper vampire would should he stand in direct sunlight.

"No," she said.

That's all she had to say about that, but her later comments offer some more insight. "I'm not the kind of person who goes to an exhibition on a Thursday night just because everyone is. It's so bad to be basic. I don't have an average day. I hate that kind of thing."

But wait. Wouldn't it be less basic to have watched Twilight and genuinely *liked* it? Ditto Water for Elephants? Ditto any Robert Pattinson movie except Harry Potter? Or how about we just agree "basic" is basic and let people like what they like, eh? 

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