Robert Pattinson Gave FKA Twigs an Actual Engagement Ring This Time, Not Just a Promise One

You'll die when you hear who broke the news.
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Update, 4/1: Well, looks like those crazy kids went and did it.

In a Q&A with Vulture that was supposed to be about his new mixtape, T-Pain (T-Pain!) very nonchalantly/big-mouthedly let slip three important facts:

1) FKA Twigs is engaged

2) FKA Twigs is engaged to Robert Pattinson

3) T-Pain calls Robert Pattinson "ol' Patty"

Are you not rolling in the aisles from the absurdity of it all? Nobody famous is probably going to tell T-Pain anything important anymore, but if I were a secretly betrothed celebrity, I wouldn't want it announced to the world in any other way.

Original post, 3/4: Aesthetically cohesive couple Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have only been dating for approximately six months, but they've already been through a lot together: ignorant Twitter comments, frequent paparazzi-dodging, daily check-ins from Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge because they seem like the sort of well-meaning matchmakers who would do that.

So is it really a surprise that, if they can survive all that, they'd want to get married…eventually?

E! News reports that after RPatz took Twigs home to meet his parents during the holidays, he popped a variation of The Question over an "I-want-to-marry-you-maybe" dinner. No date except "someday" has been set, but according to E!'s source, they could tie the knot as soon as this summer.

Potential congrats to the Tumblr-y twosome. May your theoretical wedding be genuinely fabulous.

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