Demi Lovato Reveals What She's Planning for Her Big VMAs Performance

Cool for the summer, indeed.

Demi Lovato
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Demi Lovato always puts on a good show—so when she was announced as the performer for this year's VMAs, we knew it was time to 1) get the wine and snacks ready 2) settle in for an epic performance. We caught up with the star to get the deets on her performance, her beauty routine, and which song she considers the Song of the Summer. (Because, obviously.)

Marie Claire: Your style has certainly changed over the years—how would you describe it nowadays?

Demi Lovato: I'm definitely into a more playful look that I can feel comfortable in but these days, what's most important to me is making sure I feel confident in what I am wearing.

MC: Who is your biggest fashion muse? What tricks have you picked up from them?

DL: I am not sure if I have a particular style muse but I have been working with an amazing stylist who has helped me embrace the fashion world and now have a real appreciation for high fashion with a mix of sophisticated yet playful looks. I'm in a great place both mentally and physically so I'm willing to take more risks.

MC: Your "Cool for the Summer" vid took things in a steamy direction—what was the inspiration behind the look and feel of that video?

DL: "Cool for the Summer" is all about breaking rules and being bold which is where the look for my video came from.  I feel like I am ready to show the world how hard I have been working and the "Cool For the Summer" music video was the perfect place to showcase my confidence.

MC: You've just announced you'll be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards! Can you tell us a bit about your performance look?

DL: I'm so excited for this performance and think I'll explore the "Cool for the Summer" theme further, so maybe more strappy swimsuits and wet hair, but who knows? You'll have to tune-in to see!

MC: What will you be wearing on the carpet? Have you narrowed it down yet?

DL: I don't want to spoil the surprise! 

MC: What are your top beauty products you've been obsessing over recently?

DL: I always considered basic skin care to be the most important step in looking and feeling beautiful and confident which is why I created my own skincare line, Devonne By Demi. The products are made from natural ingredients and really make my skin feel amazing. In addition to my own line, I love Renee Rouleau products. For makeup, I like to use NYC NY Color Products–especially their mascara and bold lip colors.

MC: You're known for switching up your look, especially when it comes to your hair—is there anything you're looking forward to trying next?

DL: I definitely went through a phase where I was changing my hair often but I'm really happy with my look right now. 

MC: What are your pre-performance rituals? What will you be doing to prepare for the VMAs?

DL: I always say a prayer with my team before I go on stage and before each show I try to get a work out in so I'm pumped up!

MC: What's your favorite song of the summer?

DL: "Cool for the Summer"! Just kidding—kind of. No, I actually really love Nick Jonas' new single, "Levels." It's such a fun song and his vocals are incredible.

MC: You've talked about how supportive your boyfriend Wilmer has been—will he be there to see you perform?

DL: He is incredibly busy working on his TV and his company.  I hope he will be able to make it but I know if he can't he will be watching on TV! 

See Demi's performance—and all the other musical magic—on the VMAs Sunday August 30 at 9 pm EST on MTV.

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