Kylie Jenner Is Eyeing an Acting Career

So she tells Marie Claire from the front row of Fashion Week.

Smiling Kylie Jenner wearing black and polka dots, with bodyguards
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It's hard to do, but Kylie Jenner stunned the usually unflappable New York Fashion Week crowd with her front row appearance at Prabal Gurung's show this weekend. Channeling Brigitte Bardot hair and wearing a paint-splattered pantsuit by the designer himself, Jenner wasn't there to watch big sister Kendall (who did not walk the runway), but to make a bold fashion statement of her own.

Kylie Jenner at fashion show wearing paint-splashed suit with black crop top

At the Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2016 show

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Does the 18-year-old have industry aspirations?  "I do," she told Marie Claire. "My sister and I are working on a new clothing line, which will launch the beginning of next year."

The new line represents Jenner's latest foray into fashion, following her recently launched website, which features outfit analysis, makeup tutorials, and plenty of NYFW photos.  The two sisters had previously collaborated on labels with Topshop and PacSun, but Jenner told us she's "very excited" about her new venture because unlike their prior collaborations, this new eponymous line gives them unfettered creative freedom.

I think acting would be really, really fun.

Kylie Jenner

Even as she joins the family business, Jenner has bigger goals:  "I think acting would be really, really fun," she says.

In that case, she was in good company on Gurung's always-popular front row, which included Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld, Emmy nominee Laverne Cox, and Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union.

Kylie Jenner at fashion show with Jennifer Hudson and Gabrielle Union

The front row at Prabal Gurung's show

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"This is only my second show this week—I really love Prabal," Jenner told us. And there was much to love about Gurung's show, which featured a series of exquisite, ephemeral dresses inspired by the robes worn by Buddhist monks of Gurung's beloved homeland, Nepal. 

In fact, the show opened with dozens of monks gathered on the runway to chant a deeply moving prayer of gratitude to the United States and the fashion industry for supporting the reconstruction and humanitarian efforts led by Gurung's foundation after the country's devastating earthquake earlier this year.

"We raised over a million dollars and have started building shelters, hospitals, and schools," Gurung told Marie Claire.  "It's a lifelong commitment for me.  The fashion industry has given me a platform to talk about Nepal and the people in it were the first ones to come to our aid.  This was our way of thanking them."

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