After Months of Waiting, Kourtney Kardashian Launches Her Own App

And promises it's different than her sisters'.

Kourtney Kardashian
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kim talks about fashion and suffering for the sake of Saint West. (She'll need a new topic now.) Kylie talks about makeup. Khloé talks about bacon storage and stacking Oreos in faux-concentric circles. Kendall talks about ???.

Now that the final Kardashian sister has launched her app, she'll need to find her own #kontent niche, which Kourtney has already done *and* explicitly laid out in the intro to her new site.

"Hey, guys, welcome to my app," she said in a video message. "Mine is definitely going to be different from my sisters'. I'm going to share the things I'm passionate about, like interior design, and share some recipes with you guys [and] style and beauty. I'm a mom of three so you're definitely going to get insight into my mom life."

But the most notable change? Kourtney will post updates at the same time every week, so users can check in at their leisure.

Let the kompetition begin. 

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