Vanessa Bayer Reveals What It's Really Like to Kiss Ryan Gosling

Spoiler alert: it's super awesome.

Vanessa Bayer and Ryan Gosling on SNL sketch
(Image credit: YouTube)

You've probably already watched (and re-watched) the Ryan Gosling's SNL sketch where he and Vanessa Bayer play a couple who are weirdly aroused by Santa. Totally normal Christmas experience, happens to the best of us, etc.

Vanessa recently spoke about creating the sketch, and—more specifically—what it was like to make out with Ryan in front of a camera. Her answer will doubtless go down in the annals of People Who Have Kissed Ryan Gosling history: "The make out stuff was really fun because we were so in character and because, duh, are you kidding me, duh, please be real."

Amen, Vanessa. 

To echo Mashable's caveat, this question could be seen as somewhat anti-feminist, but hey—there are no rules when it comes to the person who's responsible for the Hey Girl meme. 

Watch the full sketch below.

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Mehera Bonner
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