The Most Mouthwatering Meals Chrissy Teigen Ate in 2015

They were all just—*wipes away tear*—so beautiful.

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Chrissy Teigen means many things to me—a style icon, the definition of #relationshipgoals, an imaginary BFF. (Whatever, don't judge me.) She also happens to inundate Instagram with mouthwatering photos of culinary masterpieces *nearly* every single day, and yet, she manages to maintain a figure so perfect, she can use her bum to tempt her husband with chicken wings. No, really, it happened.  

As I look back on the past year and contemplate all the important cultural events, I would feel irresponsible not addressing Teigen's kitchen prowess. And so, behold, the 10 most delicious things the supermodel ate this year. Please excuse any stomach growling from this point on. 

1. Pizza in Naples with one John Legend

2. Spaghetti while naked in bed

3. Triple cream brie so delish it brought tears to her eyes

4. Your classic hotdog, because she's real AF

5. And whatever "long meat food" this is (again, see: "real AF")

6. Pho, staying true to her roots

7. She made quail, cacio e pepe bucatini, and chocolate cake on Valentine's Day, so goodbye, no point in trying ever again 

8. Sushi with her girls

9. "Skrimps" and vino

10. A monster burrito

11. And here's an extra one for good luck, because street meat

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