So, Drake Performed "Hotline Bling" at a Middle School Bat Mitzvah

Totally normal 7th grade experience. 

Getty Images

Hands up if your middle school bat mitzvah experience consisted of binge eating challah bread and second-guessing the placement of your butterfly hair clips. Well, friends, times have changed. 

In a move that's straight out of a circa-2005 episode of My Super Sweet 16, Drake showed up to a bat mitzvah at New York City's Rainbow Room this weekend and busted out renditions of "Hotline Bling," "Back to Back," "My Way," and "Summer Sixteen."

Judging from this rare documentary footage, Drake helped his gaggle of new friends "celebrate with class," which, by the way, happens to be the tagline of his new Whiskey label. Because yes, Liquid Drake is coming to a shot glass near you. #GiftThatKeepsOnGiving


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