Here, a Body-Language Expert Analyzes Hiddleswift's Final Public Outing to See if There Were *Signs*

😳 = us right now.

ICYMI (probably not),Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's summer romance is over after a whirlwind three months. So, why the breakup? Turns out Taylor thought the relationship was getting too public—and fair enough: the pair *were* photographed all over the world.

For a slightly deeper dive, we brought in body-language and lie-detection expert Blanca Cobb to analyze Hiddleswift's final public appearance together to see if she can see any signs of their impending split.

The date? July 27. The location? Los Angeles. The vibe? Date night.

1. Hips (and Hands) Don't Lie

Taylor and Tom don't exactly seem like a couple who are about to call off their relaitonship, right? Blanca points out that both of their hands are relaxed, and that they're walking in sync. "The physical closeness and relaxed features suggest a level of comfort. Their body language suggests that their eventual break up was amicable or friendly."

Considering that sources say "they get along great and will remain friends," this makes total sense.

2. Under Zero Pressure

See Tom's cheesy grin? It's totally genuine. Meanwhile, Blanca says Taylor seems completely relaxed with zero visible tension. "These photos look like snapshots of friends," she explains. "I don't see any evidence of tension or stress, which would suggest the onset of a bad break up... Who knows, romance may rekindle for these two." now a good time to mention that sources also say Taylor and Tom "don't see it working romantically right now"? Emphasis on the *right now*?

Who knows what the future holds, but we're on standby with new shipper names at the ready.

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Mehera Bonner
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