'GoT' Girls Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner Got Matching Tattoos


Girls Maisie Williams Sophie Turner red carpet
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Friends who get inked together stay together. Which is why costars and confirmed besties Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner better keep their relationship going long after the flaccid Valyrian steel and white contacts have been put away.

For their latest BFF activity, the Game of Thrones actresses went and got matching tattoos in Belfast from artist Kat Paine, who confirmed that they are, in fact, as "dead-on" as they seem.

Neither Williams nor Turner has posted hers yet, but three semi-educated (HAHA) guesses on what they got: "07.08.09," because that seems to have meaning to them; just a huge Drogon but in halves like a friendship necklace (taking into account the height difference); or George R.R. Martin's face with the infinity symbol underneath to mean both "George R.R. Martin 4ever" but also "George R.R. Martin is such a slow-ass writer we'll all be dead before Winds of Winter is done."

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