Kris Jenner Finally Breaks Her Silence Following Kim Kardashian's Paris Attack

In summary, she's extremely grateful.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner
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The Kardashian family has been unusually quiet on social media throughout the past week, which is the obvious result of Kim Kardashian being bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Now, the reality star's momager Kris Jenner has spoken out on Instagram, saying she is grateful for her family, and for her blessings.

Jenner isn't the only family member to speak out, but she's one of the first. Kourtney Kardashian posted the following Bible verse to Twitter following her sister's attack:

Kim hasn't commented on the attack, and is instead focusing on trauma-recovery, spending time with her family, doubling down on her security measures, and reassessing her role in the spotlight. When it comes to the $4.5 million ring that was stolen from her, she's reportedly refused Kanye West's offer to buy her a new one, saying that material things no longer matter to her.

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Mehera Bonner
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