This Is How Taylor Swift Avoided Katy Perry and John Mayer at Drake's Birthday Party

New squad, who dis?

Taylor Swift
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Former Degrassi actor Drake turned 30 on Monday, and naturally the event was worthy of a major party full of major celebrities. But herding a flock of celebs into a club is an art, and Drake isn't the best shepherd—which is why Katy Perry, John Mayer, and Taylor Swift ended up breathing the same air.

As you presumably know, Taylor Swift doesn't get along with Katy Perry and their shared ex-boyfriend Mayer, and reportedly spent the entire party delicately avoiding them once she realized they were in attendance. "Taylor stayed at her table [with the] crew she came with," a source tells Us Weekly. "Taylor was ready to party when she got there, but when she realized Katy and John were there, she just stayed put at her table."

Apparently, the star was at the event with friends, and "didn't want to make a big scene and leave when she saw they were there too."

Taylor Swift & Katy Perry

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^ Simpler times.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly's source reports that "Katy didn't care that Taylor was there" because "she's above all that," and claims she even found a moment to make nice with John Mayer. "John approached Katy and they talked—they're on good terms. Seeing John is like seeing an old friend."

Honestly, it's getting to the point where seeing this feud pop up on the internet every few months is also like seeing an old friend, that's how long it's been going on for.

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