Solange Is Auditioning Musicians for Her Band So Hand in Your Notice Now

BRB, moving to New Orleans.

Solange Knowles
(Image credit: Getty)

Haven't picked up your violin in so long you're not quite sure which is the A string anymore? Only know how to "play" a recorder, because blowing into a plastic tube is apparently an essential part of the American educational system? No matter—Solange Knowles is looking for musicians to join her touring band, and you've got nothing to lose.

"We're holding auditions for talented instrumentalists and singers to become part of the musical team that helps Solo bring the magic to her fans," read an announcement on the A Seat at the Table artist's website Saint Heron (opens in new tab). "Details for in-person auditions will be disclosed to those who are selected from the initial submission process." (Which is sending in a 3-minute video. Good luck.)

The only downside, besides the you-being-musically illiterate bit, is that the "vocalists, guitarists and keyboardists" must be New Orleans-based. ::calls Two Men and a Truck::

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