Lena Dunham Is Selling Her Clothes to Benefit Planned Parenthood

You can buy a piece of Hannah Horvath's wardrobe.

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As a staunch women's rights activist and feminist, it doesn't come as a surprise that Lena Dunham is supporting Planned Parenthood in a major way. As The New York Times reported on Sunday, Dunham plans to sell 169 items from her closet, and to donate all of her proceeds to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Dunham has chosen to list her clothes on the RealReal from Monday. She will receive seventy percent commission from the sales, all of which she will donate to Planned Parenthood. At a time when the women's health organization has been stripped of much of its funding, Dunham's gesture means a lot.

The Girls creator told The New York Times, "I realized I had been carrying around a lot of crap, both internally and externally. I always thought I was going to hoard all my clothes for my future daughter, and now I understand, especially being a woman with a reproductive illness, I may end up with an adopted son, I may end up with a daughter who doesn't identify with her gender at birth. You can't live for the future that does not yet exist. I have to take all this good fashion fortune I've had and spread it."

If you decide to purchase a piece from Dunham's closet, it will come with a personal letter from the writer and director, to prove its authenticity. It's also exciting to know that Dunham's clothes range from a size 4 up to a size 12, of which she said, "I like being a woman who's not typical Hollywood size putting beautiful designer things out into the world."

Even the Elizabeth Kennedy gown Dunham wore to the 2017 Met Gala will be available to buy for $4000.

Lena Dunham wears an Elizabeth Kennedy gown on the red carpet.

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Regardless of the reason someone chooses to buy one of her outfits, Dunham is happy with the outcome. She said, "Probably some people will buy the clothes because they hate me and burn them. And I bless them, too. The money's still going to Planned Parenthood."

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