Bella Thorne's Angry Reaction to a Fake Video of Herself Masturbating Is Totally Warranted

This is truly disgusting/depressing/a million other frustrated adjectives.

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Bella Thorne is the latest victim in a string of sexual privacy violations on women in Hollywood (see: Blac ChynaMischa Barton, and even Taylor Swift). The actress has been dealing with a video featuring *fake* footage of herself masturbating and saying "Oh finally, I really needed a father." It's really awful, and we won't be linking to it here.

Because apparently this is something that women have to deal with in 2017, Thorne responded on Twitter, explaining that A) this is not her:

And B) it's awful that people are mocking the death of her father, who passed away in 2007:

Good on Bella Thorne for speaking up and defending herself, but she shouldn't have to. Please stop harassing women, internet trolls.


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