Brace Yourselves, Because Jake Gyllenhaal Finally Answered a Question About Taylor Swift

And things got super, super weird.

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In case you somehow missed it (unlikely), Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift dated in 2010. In fact, she reportedly wrote "All Too Well" about him. And since that precious time, things have been very weird—by which we mean Gyllenhaal has refused to answer questions about his ex, with one reporter saying things got "awkwardly tense" when he tried to broach the subject.


Flash-forward about six months and Gyllenhaal found himself doing an interview with Boston Bombing survivor Jeff Bauman (who he plays in Stronger). And for some incredible reason, Bauman decided to ask the following:

"If you lost your legs in real life, do you think Taylor Swift would write a song about it?"

First of all, amazing. Second of all, the rest of their interaction was even more iconic, and went something like this:

Gyllenhaal: "For me, or about it?"

Bauman: "For you. Like a country song."

Gyllenhaal: "She's sort of moved more into pop now."

There are truly no words sufficient enough to explain our feelings right now.

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