Former Game of Thrones Actress Has the Best Reaction to Being Recast

The internet has been abuzz with the news of nine new Game of Thrones characters joining the population of Westeros come season five next year. But while the actors are all new to the show, not all the characters can say the same. The character of Myrcella Baratheon hasn't been seen since season two, but following the death of brother King Joffrey during the Purple Wedding at the end of season four, many were hopeful, including Aimee Richardson, the actress who played Myrcella in the earlier seasons, that she would make a return to Westeros. Richardson even expressed her excitement in the most appropriate way possible for a budding star: via Vine.

Well, that's just what's happening—almost. Myrcella is coming back, but Richardson is not. This week at Comic Con, it was announced that the role was recast in favor of newcomer Nell Tiger Free. Again, Richardson took to Vine to express her displeasure, but instead of complaining, she poses on the street with a "Princess for Hire" sign. Talk about the perfect response to an awkward situation.

Oh, Aimee, we'd hire you!

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