45 Celebrities Whose Style Has Completely Transformed Since the '90s

With great fame comes a seriously upgraded look.

celeb style transformations
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With great fame comes a seriously upgraded look. That's why we see the style of most celebrities improve after a few years in the spotlight. Unfortunately for them, they don't always have the luxury of hiding away the evidence of the '90s trends they probably wish they never wore. Ahead, take a look back at how fashion has changed over the years for celebs from Jennifer Lopez to Britney Spears.

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Simedar Jackson

Simedar Jackson is an esthetician, content creator, and lover of sci-fi fiction living in Brooklyn, New York. She is passionate about creating space for Black and Brown people in the beauty and wellness industries by providing access to culturally nuanced education and services that meet their needs. You can find them doing their skincare routine, reminding friends to reapply SPF, and watching reruns of Love Island.