Prince Harry Won't Be at the King's Coronation Concert, Source Says

That's one more person who's skipping the event...

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry is coming to King Charles' coronation on May 6, but he is staying the bare minimum amount of time—which means you shouldn't expect to see him at the coronation concert on May 7.

"After much back and forth, Harry said that he would be returning for the King’s coronation but it will only be a fleeting visit," a source told the Mirror.

"Organizers have been told Harry won’t be attending the concert with the rest of the Royal Family, which is a great shame as it will be such a spectacular event."

The concert, which will take place at Windsor Castle, will see performances from headliners including Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.

While Prince Harry won't be attending the concert, many stars have previously been reported to have refused to perform for one reason or another. These include Adele, Ed Sheeran, the Spice Girls, Elton John, and Harry Styles. So... nobody major then!

As for Harry, he has now confirmed his coronation plans—which is great—but it took him a while to do so. He and Meghan Markle reportedly missed the RSVP deadline, before officially confirming that the Duke of Sussex would be attending without the duchess.

In March, it transpired that coronation organizers were drawing up plans that included the Sussexes even without their RSVP, because it's a huge event that requires a ton of pre-planning.

"Harry and Meghan are being factored into all of the planning... the cars, the seating plans, dining arrangements, everything," a source said at the time.

"No one knows for certain whether this means they have definitely accepted—it could, of course, be just in case they do—but it’s clearly not a 'no.' The staff are certainly working on the expectation they are coming. These kind of arrangements have to be made well in advance."

Hopefully, all of that is now ironed out.

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