Watch Prince Harry Try to Learn Dutch Ahead of the Invictus Games

He's... not a born linguist.

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry started the Invictus Games in 2014, and the foundation has been going strong ever since. Each year, the games see "wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women" compete in sporting events while representing their respective countries.

This year, the Invictus Games will take place in April in The Hague, Netherlands. Ahead of the event, the Duke of Sussex appeared on a Zoom call promo video with some of the Dutch staff, and attempted to polish up his grasp of their language with them.

"How do I say, 'good afternoon, you've done a great job' in Dutch?" he asked. All four Invictus Games reps proceeded to tell him at the same time, speaking really fast, but the royal did a great job of repeating the phrase.

One person then asked him, "can you say 'stroopwafel?'" The duke assured them that he could. "Stroopwafel! Love those."

Seeing their reactions, Harry concluded, "I get a double thumbs up from Fenne, I get a slightly bizarre-looking face from Jelle. Are you a teacher in your spare time?" Jelle answered, "I was, before I..." and the duke was delighted to have been right on the money.

The Dutch people then attempted to teach the British royal another word, with which he struggled—well—royally.

Then, spelling trouble, one person told him, "and don't forget your hat." Harry pulled out an orange bucket hat (that's orange for the Netherlands), which he secured on his head, followed by orange sunglasses (the kind you get for free on a college campus). He then smugly unzipped his jacket to reveal a full orange get-up. He stood and pointed at the camera while saying, "let's go."

And look, I love that he's going all out for the theme and the cause, but let's just say this isn't the number one ~coolest~ thing the duke has ever done. Y'know, maybe it's number three or four. (:

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