Prince Harry and King Charles' "Devastated Relationship" Won't Be Fixed by Harry's Coronation Attendance, Royal Expert Says

It's still a step in the right direction, though.

Prince Harry, Prince William, King Charles
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Prince Harry is attending his father King Charles' coronation, and if he wants the reconciliation he says he does, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

With that in mind, while this bodes well for the father-son relationship, the day of the coronation will obviously be planned down to the minute, and Charles won't have any spare time to talk things through with his semi-estranged youngest son.

"It goes without saying that the King and other senior royals have an awful lot on their plate," royal editor Russell Myers told the Mirror.

"When it comes to rehearsing and preparing for the May 6 event, Charles will, as a father, be delighted that his youngest son will be by his side for the most important moment in his life—but they will all have to wait for another day to discuss the mending of their devastated relationships."

The expert added, "The relationship between Harry, his father and his brother remains incredibly strained."

And while peace talks could have taken place in the days before or following the coronation, it's been reported that Harry will be making as quick a trip to England as possible, so that he can celebrate his son Archie's birthday—which sadly falls on the day of the big event.

Additionally, while this doesn't mean that Harry will never reconcile with his family, we do know that his interactions with Prince William at the coronation will be kept surface and minimal if they happen at all. Their reconciliation should be scheduled "for another time," one source has commented. For their sake, let's hope this other time happens sooner rather than later.

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