Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Attend the Coronation? What We Know at This Stage

Talk about a cliffhanger.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Some six weeks before King Charles III's historical coronation, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still haven't confirmed once and for all whether they will be in attendance.

The Royal Family is apparently just as in the dark about the Sussexes' RSVP as we are, and are having to plan accordingly.

"Two versions of the plans [for the day] are being drawn up," a source told the Daily Mail. "One includes Harry and Meghan and one doesn’t. Timings are all approximate at this stage, but they are working towards a timetable now."

Previously, a source had told the Mail that the Sussexes were being "factored into" the coronation plans.

"Harry and Meghan are being factored into all of the planning... the cars, the seating plans, dining arrangements, everything," the source said at the time.

"No one knows for certain whether this means they have definitely accepted—it could, of course, be just in case they do—but it’s clearly not a 'no.' The staff are certainly working on the expectation they are coming. These kind of arrangements have to be made well in advance."

The Mail further reports that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have been confirmed as taking part in their grandfather's procession out of Westminster Abbey. While Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet (as they are now known!!!) aren't part of these specific plans as of right now, apparently the Royal Family is waiting for Harry and Meghan's RSVP, and could decide to include the two Sussex kids after all.

Speaking on the Pod Save The King podcast, royal expert Russell Myers hypothesized, "They want their children to have the royal connection. Of course, the one thing I do think is it means Harry and Meghan are going to come to the coronation, and I do think they'll bring the family because they will want to celebrate that unity with the Royal Family" (via Express).

About three weeks ago, the Sussexes confirmed that they had been invited to the coronation, but declined to comment on whether they would be attending or not. They have released no further updates since then.

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