Prince William Was Booed by Soccer Fans at the FA Cup Final

Opinion is divided over the booing.

Chelsea v Liverpool: The Emirates FA Cup Final
(Image credit: Getty/Michael Regan - The FA)

As one of his many official roles, Prince William serves as president of the Football Association (we're talking soccer here, btw). It's therefore in this capacity that the Duke of Cambridge attended the FA Cup final on May 14.

The match saw Chelsea take on Liverpool, and fans of the latter were clearly heard booing the duke before kickoff. They also booed the British national anthem (titled "God Save the Queen").

Reactions to said booing have been mixed, to say the least—there are those unequivocally praising Liverpool fans for holding up their principles, and those unequivocally condemning their actions, including a series of British politicians, according to the Independent.

For context, Liverpudlians didn't boo just because they felt like it: There is actually a long tradition of them doing this. According to LiverpoolWorld, it started in the 1980s, in protest of Conservative government policies, and following the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, which saw 96 Liverpool fans lose their lives during the FA Cup semi-final.

Fans began booing the national anthem, as a symbolic extension of the Tory (Conservative) government. On this latest occasion, the booing also extended to Prince William—who many felt represented inherited wealth as the U.K. suffers a cost of living crisis, according to an op-ed in the Independent.

On Twitter, royal fans expressed their discontent. "I think it would be the right thing to do if Jurgen  Klopp made a public apology on behalf of the Liverpool Fans to HRH Prince William on their despicable & outrageous behaviour during the National Anthem," wrote one person.

"Disgusted with Wembley booing Prince William and the National anthem especially after cleaning his diary to present Deborah James with her Damehood yesterday," wrote another (Deborah James is a cancer campaigner who has gained wide public acclaim for the way she reframes how we approach death).

Still others commented on the discrepancy between the outrage at a royal being booed and the lack of reaction when soccer fans act in overtly racist ways. "The outrage at Prince William being booed at the FA Cup Final is greater to some than when players are subjected to racist chants," wrote radio presenter Lorraine King. "I'm seeing people lose their minds over this who have been absolutely silent in the past when it comes to racist abuse"

Reactions to the booing was also compared to the treatment of Meghan Markle while she was a working royal. "Booing Prince William is deemed 'abuse," tweeted one user. "But Meghan Markle should have endured years of relentless racist and bigoted harassment with a smile on her face. Did I get that right, UK Media?"

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