Prince William and Princess Kate's Christmas Card "Completely Contradicts" Meghan Markle's Claim They Are "Formal and Unaffectionate," Royal Expert Says

The Waleses posed denim-clad at their country home.

Kate and William in their 2022 Christmas card
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Prince William and Princess Kate just released their annual family Christmas card, featuring a gorgeous photo of them and their children wearing denim-heavy outfits.

After they posted it on social media, royal expert Kinsey Schofield tweeted the photo with the caption, "SO FORMAL."

This was a reference to Meghan Markle implying on Netflix' Harry & Meghan that Kate and William were cold and formal because they were taken aback by her desire to hug them when she first met them.

While, as a rule, the British tend to be less effusive than Americans, it has been pointed out that the Waleses are often seen hugging family members, as well as members of the public.

We don't know what happened when they met Meghan, whether there was a misunderstanding or they were just feeling a bit awkward, but regardless, Schofield insists that the Waleses are not formal—and that their Christmas card for 2022 is proof.

Marie Claire caught up with the expert to find out her thoughts on the whole ordeal.

"It is amazing to me that the Palace is—seemingly effortlessly—always one step ahead of Harry and Meghan," Schofield tells us.

"The Prince and Princess of Wales took this beautiful Christmas card months ago… That completely contradicts Meghan’s description of how formal and unaffectionate the pair are. As if to say, 'Hi, Meghan. We own denim too.'"

It's important to note that William and Kate didn't know the content of the Netflix docuseries when they took this photo, therefore they couldn't have planned it as a pointed response. But the timing of its release is, nevertheless, significant.

"Obviously this is not in response to the claims that Meghan makes throughout their reality show but it’s a pretty amusing coincidence," Schofield comments.

"It reminds me of Harry complaining on Oprah about not being able to ride a bike as a kid and the palace releasing Prince Louis’s birthday photo a month later… on a bike."

Prince Louis on a bike

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