King Charles Is Reportedly Torn Between Prince Harry and Queen Camilla

The King is in a difficult spot.

King Charles, Queen Camilla, and Kate Middleton at an engagement
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King Charles is in a tough spot when it comes to his family.

Amid Prince Harry's ongoing feud with a LOT of the British royals, the Duke of Sussex did call his dad to wish him a happy 75th birthday on Nov. 14.

This call apparently went exceedingly well, with the two men having a "warm conversation" and the whole thing marking a "turning point" for their relationship going forward.

"It really hit home how he should try to work through this for the children’s sake," a source told OK! about the phone call. "Charles knows he doesn’t have many more birthdays or Christmases left and wants to try to repair the rift so that his grandchildren will be a part of the family like everyone else."

This is great news, but it doesn't solve everything: Harry is still not speaking to his older brother Prince William, and his mother-in-law—Charles' wife—Queen Camilla is also not super thrilled with him based on some of the revelations he made in his memoir Spare.

This means that if Charles wants to mend his relationship with Harry, he also has to consider the feelings of others close to him.

"There is virtually no chance of mending the damage between his two sons," the source added. "The Queen is also still very deeply hurt by the comments made about her and that’s another obstacle for Charles to overcome."

Royal author Tom Bower had a similar perspective on the situation.

"For Charles, the whole thing has been painful and traumatic. The problem is that Harry and Meghan have caused so much damage, it’s hard to imagine how to repair it. But I’m sure that the King would like a solution," Bower told OK!.

"Charles has not only got William and Kate [to think of], but he’s also got Camilla, who was very insulted by Harry and Meghan too, so that makes it a great problem for him."

Honestly, where is the Mean Girls baking cakes out of rainbows lady when you need her?

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