You Need to See This Adorable Moment When Prince Louis Gives Princess Charlotte Flowers

Yes, we’re still talking about him six days after his Christmas walk debut.

Prince Louis
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Okay, yes, six days later we are still talking about Prince Louis’ Christmas walk debut at Sandringham, because what else could be a happier way to ring in 2023? In addition to this sweet moment with Queen Consort Camilla, or diving into why the four-year-old wore shorts on a winter morning in the U.K., or this adorable moment (alright, we admit it, we really love this little guy), we wanted to highlight for the record the cute moment he gave a gift to his big sister, Princess Charlotte, as the two greeted well-wishers lining the path to St. Mary Magdalene Church on Sunday morning.

Prepare yourselves—you will soon be compelled to watch this clip a minimum of 10 times.

As the Wales five—the Prince and Princess of Wales and their three children, Charlotte and Louis and also big brother Prince George—along with the rest of the royal family made their way towards the church, Louis is caught on camera running full speed ahead towards Charlotte, calling her name and holding out a bouquet of flowers for his older sister.

In response, well-wishers could be heard saying “awww” to the little boy that stole the world’s heart this year—and rightly so.

“William then patted the four-year-old on his head and placed his hand on his back before they continued walking with their group,” reports The Independent.

In the video’s comments, fans applauded Louis and spoke of the bond the younger members of the royal family have with one another. “I love how it’s so obvious that healthy and close siblings and cousin bonds are nurtured in the family,” one wrote. Another commented “Aww, Lou Lou is so sweet.” A third added “I just now watched it 10x and can watch it 100x more…So adorable.”

This is the first time the traditional Christmas walk has been back since 2019 because of the pandemic. It also, of course, is the first without Her late Majesty, who died in September at 96.

And, as we close a tough year of 2022, Louis remains right to the end of the year the bright spot we all need and represents the energy we’re bringing into 2023—kindness, generosity, and running full speed ahead towards someone we love.

Rachel Burchfield
Contributing Royal Editor

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