Prince William and Princess Kate Are Reportedly "Embarrassed" by Photoshop Fail Claims

They're not as used to it as the Kardashians, ya know?

Wales family Christmas card 2023
(Image credit: Josh Shinner/The Prince and Princess of Wales)

Prince William and Princess Kate just wanted to share a nice family portrait for their holiday card this year, but eagle-eyed royal fans spoiled the fun for them a little.

As reported by Marie Claire this week, people noticed that poor Prince Louis appeared to be missing a finger in the otherwise lovely portrait, with fans wondering how this alleged blunder could have gone so unnoticed, and accusing the Wales family's photographer of some heavy Photoshop work.

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, the Prince and Princess of Wales are "embarrassed" by the incident, and "were as shocked as everyone else" by the fallout.

Prince Louis in the 2023 Wales family Christmas card

(Image credit: Josh Shinner/The Prince and Princess of Wales)

Obviously, the Christmas card was still lovely and royal fans very much approved of it regardless, and this was really not a big deal. That said, I can understand why the Waleses were potentially a bit shaken by it: They simply aren't used to this happening, with all their family pictures being widely praised (especially ones taken by the princess herself).

By contrast, we're more used to Photoshop fails happening within the Kardashian family, who are always getting called out for slightly shoddy workmanship when it comes to their photo editing.

For example, one can never forget Kim Kardashian's totally out-of-proportion lower leg, her third hand, her non-existen shoulder, or Kourtney Kardashian's six toes.

But where the Kardashians are believed to use photo editing software in order to alter body parts they perhaps don't like so much, it's unlikely that that was the case for the royals—even if they did in fact Photoshop it (which we don't have proof of, by the way).

Iris Goldsztajn
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