Princess Kate No Longer Wants to Help Reconcile William and Harry, Claims Paul Burrell

He thinks the rift is too wide at this point.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
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No matter how many times I try to manifest a Prince William/Prince Harry reconciliation by wishing it upon them here on, none seems forthcoming.

Princess Kate has often been touted as the two men's one hope for bridging their rift over the past few years, but experts and insiders are beginning to give up even on that avenue, as the royal brothers show no sign of ending their stalemate.

"So much has been said and people have been hurt," observed Paul Burrell, speaking to the Mirror.

"And I don't think they can be mended right now. It’s going to take time. It's still raw and the royals are not easy and forgiving. When something happens they pull the drawbridge up and you can't get in."

Of course, William and Harry started drifting apart when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the decision to step down from royal life and move to California. Since then, the Prince and Princess of Wales have reportedly felt increasingly hurt by some of the revelations the Sussexes made about them in the media.

"The only person that has a faint chance of reconciliation with the boys will be Kate," said Burrell.

"I don't honestly think Kate wants to because there's been so much hurt. And I think you have to let this wound heal before you can attack it again. And I think it's still very raw in royal circles and none of them are actually... they don't know how to heal this rift."

Though Burrell's comments in the press can sometimes veer towards the dramatic, these particular comments have been corroborated by many other people recently.

For example, earlier this year, an insider told OK!, "Kate doesn’t even recognize this person Harry’s become. The lines of communication are totally over now. Harry has said he doesn’t foresee him and Meghan ever returning to live full-time in the U.K.—and he shouldn’t expect a welcome mat from Kate and William if that ever changes."

So yeah, don't hold your breath for a nice family reunion.

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