Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence Were So Excited When Emma Stone Won a Golden Globe

The girl squad had the best reactions of the night.

emma stone accepts an award at the golden globes
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One of the highlights of the Golden Globes was all about female friendship—and no, we're not talking about Barbie's wins (this time). This sweet moment came courtesy of Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lawrence. The two superstars are both longtime friends with Emma Stone, who took home an award for her lead performance in Yorgos Lanthimos' Poor Things. When Stone's name was announced, Swift and Lawrence were among those cheering the loudest in the room, and both their epic responses were caught on camera.

While Swift was only briefly seen, clapping and cheering along with the standing ovation for Stone, Lawrence's entire reaction was captured—because she was nominated for the same category! The No Hard Feelings actor had a joke ready when CBS's cameras showed each of the nominees before the award was announced; when it was her turn, the Oscar-winner mouthed to the camera, "If I don't win, I'm leaving." However, once Stone's name was announced, Lawrence put both her arms up in a full high-V cheer, before jumping out of her chair and looking around for Stone.

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For her emotional speech, Stone began by thanking her husband Dave McCary, before thanking her collaborators on Poor Things. She also made her case for considering the surreal film in which she plays Bella Baxter, a woman with the brain of a child, as a rom-com.

"I see this as a rom-com, in the sense that Bella falls in [love with] life itself, rather than a person. She accepts the good and the bad in equal measure — all of it is important," she said of the film.

emma stone accepts an award at the golden globes

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Stone had a hilarious response to her friend Swift's viral moment later that night, with the actress balancing her appreciation for the sweet moment with her trademark dry humor. When asked about Swift's huge applause in the Globes' press room, per Page Six, the actress jokingly replied, "What an asshole, am I right?"

"I’ve known her for almost 20 years, so I’m very happy she was there. She was also nominated tonight, so I’m very happy she was there — but what an a–hole," she continued.

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