Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are Obviously Super Compatible—Here's Why, According to Astrology

They're so harmonious.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in New York City
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From the outside looking in, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's compatibility seems totally off the charts.

Speaking of charts, according to an astrologer who spoke to Marie Claire, Swifties' approval of their fave's new romance is totally justified, with their astrological placement boding well for the future of their relationship.

"Taylor is a Sagittarius, which is a fire sign. Those born under the sign of the Archer are adventurous, generous and good-natured. The free-spirits of the zodiac, they love laughter and open spaces," says Inbaal Honigman, a psychic, astrologer, and tarot reader.

"Travis is a Libra, which is an air sign. Those born under the sign of the Scales are graceful, balanced and kind-hearted. The peacemakers of the zodiac, they love art and eating out."

These two sun signs are a great match, and complement each other beautifully, the expert explains.

"As a peaceful Libra, Travis will love Taylor's unbridled zest for life. As a chaotic Sagittarius, Taylor will love Travis's cool charm," Honigman says.

"Their moon signs match, too. Her moon sign is Cancer, which is a laid-back, loving sign. This means that her inner personality is similar to Travis's Libran traits. His moon sign is Sagittarius! So his inner personality is identical to Taylor's Sagittarian traits."

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in New York City

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But if you've ever calculated your birth chart, you'll know that there's more to it than just your sun and moon. When it comes to the Chiefs tight end and global superstar, the astrologer has found another placement in both of their charts that indicates lots of harmony between them.

"The famous pair have an interesting compatibility in their astrological birth charts, to do with the planet Jupiter," Honigman continues.

"Both of them have their Jupiter in Cancer, which incidentally is also Taylor's moon sign. Jupiter is a planet of generosity and growth, and the sign of Cancer is all about the family. With that Jupiter, both are extremely generous with their families, both value input from their families and both accept each other's relatives as their own."

This has proven true a number of times already over the two's short relationship: They've both met each other's parents, and Kelce's folks Donna and Ed have both spoken publicly about how much they love Swift.

Last but not least, Honigman explains that when there's a disagreement between the lovebirds, laid-back Kelce will be happy to see things Swift's way. "They both feel as though they never fight—because they don't," she says.

Could this be the popstar's "end game?" One thing's for sure—right now, she's definitely Kelce's "first string."

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