A Woman Angrily Bashed on Prince Andrew’s Window as He Drove By at Windsor

An unidentified woman made her feelings about Prince Andrew and his legal troubles known.

prince andrew
(Image credit: Getty Images)

No love for Prince Andrew from this lady. Apparently the royal—who faces legal troubles stemming from activities with his former friend Jeffrey Epstein—feels the anger everywhere he goes, even when the destination is Windsor Castle for family holiday activities. On Friday, an unidentified woman whom he passed in his car wanted to make sure Andrew knew he was not on the nice list this year.

While en route to the royal residence on Friday morning, Andrew’s car slowed down long enough for a red-haired woman to bash angrily on his window. In photos from the incident, published by the Mirror UK (see them here), you can see Prince Andrew’s annoyance and determination not to make eye contact with her as she hits his driver side window, intent on getting his attention. While there’s no word on what she was saying, it’s probably easy enough to guess the nature of her remarks, right? 

According to the publication, the woman, 50, was arrested over the incident. The Thames Valley Police spokesperson released a statement saying, “A 50-year-old woman, of no fixed abode, has been arrested on suspicion of using threatening/abusive/insulting words/behavior to caused harassment/alarm/distress…She remains in custody."

Prince Andrew denies any wrongdoing surrounding the sex abuse claims made against him by Virginia Giuffre, but the damage is likely done. He has reportedly been permanently stripped of royal duties by the rest of his family, and the other royals are concerned about how the case will affect the Queen’s image. While she remains beloved by many, it’s probably not a great sign that, just last month, news of Andrew’s legal woes made “Abolish the Monarchy” trend on Twitter.

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