Zac Efron Would Be "Hugely Honored" to Play Matthew Perry in a Biopic

This would be such a beautiful way to pay tribute to Perry's life.

Actors Michelle Trachtenberg, Zac Efron, Leslie Mann and Matthew Perry arrive at the premiere of Warner Bros. "17 Again" held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on April 14, 2009 in Hollywood, California.
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Matthew Perry reportedly wanted Zac Efron to play him in a movie about his life, a fact that came out soon after Perry's untimely death this year at the age of 54.

Efron was seemingly Perry's choice not just because he's a talented actor who shares some of the Friends star's physical features, but because the High School Musical star actually played a young version of Perry's character in the 2009 movie they costarred in, 17 Again.

Efron recently attended the premiere for his movie Iron Claw, and was asked what he thought when he heard that Perry wanted him to play him.

"I was hugely honored. It would be extraordinary to do," the star told Extra on the red carpet.

"I’m still devastated by the fact that he is gone... We'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted with any news."

During the same event, People also asked Efron about a potential Matthew Perry biopic.

"I'm honored to hear he was thinking of me to play him. We'll see. I'd be honored to do it," he told the publication.

"He was a mentor to me, and we made a really cool film together. I looked up to him, I learned comedic timing from that guy.

"I mean, when we were filming 17 Again, it was so surreal for me to look across and have him be there, because I've learned so much from him, from his whole life."

Athenna Crosby, who had lunch with Perry the day before his passing, revealed Perry's plans for a biopic to Entertainment Tonight.

"He said that he wanted to make a movie about his life," Crosby explained.

"And he had worked with Zac Efron in the past on a movie, and he said that he wanted Zac Efron to play him as a younger version [of himself] and that he was gonna ask him soon to do that.

"He was just looking forward to sharing more about his story and his recovery from addiction, and really championing that cause to help more people, so he was so optimistic and happy about everything that he wanted to do."

Perry's death shocked the world, with tributes pouring in for him in the days after the news broke.

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