The 19 Sexiest Movies on Netflix

Hi, "steamy romance" category.

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You know how sometimes the effort of opening up an incognito window and searching for porn that doesn't make you cringe is just too much? But you also are kind of in the mood for romance, so life's just really hard? That's where Netflix's "steamy romance" category comes in—a delightful land of mostly unrated films that feature a lot of love and also a lot of sexiness and sex without being gratuitous.

Some of the movies in this category are just really sensual mainstream love stories. Others are...well, let's just say they dance a little closer to the "porn" side of the spectrum. We're talking steamy three-way love affairs, brazen adulterous liaisons (both of the dangerous and not-so-dangerous varieties), slice of life sex-centric tales, erotic thrillers so hot they might burn your retinas off, and more. Some of these movies are about love. Some are just plain about sex. All of them, though, will scratch that internal itch that drives you to put your eyeballs on sexy humans doing sexy things with each other.


This 2017 movie from Spain is both erotic and intense—it follows a young couple in the heat of first love, who watch the illusion they've created come crashing down as tumultuous goings-on outside their relationship threaten the relationship itself. But yes, also very sexy.


Deadly Illusions

We'll die on this hill: Bring back the erotic thriller. This entry into the rebirth of the genre is, well, quite silly. It's about a bestselling author who hires a woman to watch over her kids and...I mean, you can probably guess what happens next. Psychosexual mystery, twists, some questionable dialogue and, most importantly, steamy sex scenes. Imagine if Kristen Davis's plot in Sex and the City 2 (where Alice Eve plays a hot babysitter) was an entire movie, add 50 percent more sex and a plot line in which nothing was as it seemed. That's basically this movie.


Dry Martina

A sexually open punk singer explores some sexy new experiences after hooking up with a fan in this movie from Chile. It's both fun and super hot.


Basic Instinct

Google lists of "sexy movies" and Basic Instinct will probably be on most of them. The 1992 erotic thriller defined the genre for years after its release and that interrogation scene is still iconic today for a reason. 


Good Kisser

Three gay women embark on a sexy weekend fling, but the erotic, three-way fun times get complicated when some serious mind games start.


Alex Strangelove

If you're over the majorly heteronormative nature of sex-fueled rom-coms, then this one is for you. The protagonist, Alex, has a super sweet GF who he plans to lose his virginity to, but he's feeling kind of meh about the milestone moment. When he meets super sexy Elliot at a party, he begins a journey of discovery about his sexuality. This one is equal parts sweet and sexy.


Sex Drive

Of course, if you want a much more standard teen sex comedy, there's also Sex Drive, which is about as "standard teen sex comedy" as movies come.


Knock Knock

In this 2015 horror movie, two very sexy women reveal that they have, well, not the best of intentions after they spend the night with a sexy (but married) architect played by Keanu Reeves. Perfect for those nights when you want horror, but sexy.


White Girl

Netflix is also home to a lot of sexy non-comedies though, like controversial indie hit White Girl, about a party girl and her whirlwind romance with a drug dealer.



Peak form '90s Demi Moore in a movie literally called "Striptease" — could this be anything but sexy? Unlikely. 


A Perfect Ending

A woman in a loveless (and lustless) marriage turns to a female escort to explore an untapped side of her sexuality in this super steamy movie with a plot worthy of softcore porn.


The Feels

Constance Wu stars in this sexy comedy (emphasis on both) about a lesbian bachelorette party that takes a turn when one of the brides admits she's never had an orgasm. 


Chocolate City: Vegas Strip

This movie is the perfect mix of dance, sex appeal, and, well, even more sex appeal. It follows the Chocolate City dancers, who enter a national stripper competition to save their club from foreclosure. You know, as you do.


Frank & Lola

Categorized as a "neo-noir erotic thriller," Frank & Lola stars Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots as a couple in Las Vegas who have an intense, tumultuous affair that begins to break down when she's unfaithful and he becomes increasingly obsessed with a man from her past. 



In this steamy Spanish movie, a woman embarks of a forbidden affair with her sister's husband.



This movie is both very sexy and very modern. The film, starring Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa, follows a couple who meet on a hookup app. When both end up cheating, they decide to embrace their struggles with monogamy and embark on an open relationship. Sexiness (and group sex) ensues.



This semi-autobiographical drama from writer/director Numa Perrier (and starring Tiffany Tenille) follows a 19-year-old girl who starts working as a cam girl to support herself while living in Las Vegas. The movie opened to rave reviews at SXSW in 2019.



Yes, MILF stands for exactly what you know it stands for. This comedy is about three middle-aged women who find themselves on the receiving end of affection from some much, much younger men. 


Duck Butter

Two young women spend a sexy and intense 24 hours together when they decide to get to know each other by having sex every hour, on the hour.


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