Two 'Queer Eye' Couples Went on a Double Date and I Can't Handle It

My heart.

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If you've been not-so-patiently waiting for the third season of Netflix's Queer Eye, I'm here to deliver some good news. Although you'll still have to wait until 2019 for new episodes, two fan favorites from seasons one and two have just provided us with some fresh content. Over the weekend, Tom Jackson and Abby Parr (season one) met up with William Mahnken and Shannan Eller (season two) for the cutest double date of all time.

Mahnken—who is singlehandedly responsible for making me ugly cry during every minute of his proposal to Shannan—took to Instagram last week to tease this brilliant crossover event. "Double date? Stay tuned Saturday," he wrote alongside an adorable collage of the couples. And when the big day finally came, Mahnken made sure to document all the highlights—including the fact that he and Eller arrived to the restaurant a casual one and a half hours early.

If you remember anything about Jackson's tear jerker of an episode, it's probably the fact that he's big on margaritas and Mexican food (and, of course, his freaking adorable love for his ex-wife-turned-new-wife Abby). So, naturally, the two couples bonded over jumbo margs and enchiladas. "With @tomjackson5042 and Abby at our @queereye double date!!!! MARGARITAS!!!!!," Mahnken captioned a photo of Jackson and his signature drink.

So pure! So sweet! Hopefully this double date means more Queer Eye crossovers are in the works—I for one am itching for some Mama Tammye content in my life.


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