Prince Harry, Must You Keep Wearing These Broken Shoes?

I am straight-up befuddled.

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So I get not wanting to throw things away, but I'm worried about my sweet baby Prince Harry, okay? For the second time this year, he's been spotted wearing the same pair of busted-up brogues and I AM CONFUSION.

Per the Daily Mail, at the wedding for Harry's cousin Eugenie to wine merchant Jack Brooksbank, Harry appeared to be wearing a pair of shoes in disarray. I was shook. It was the left shoe in particular that was pulling off the most egregious offense. Featuring a large hole in the sole of the shoe, I'm left wondering if there is no Royal Cobbler and if not, why not? The royals need shoe fixin', too. And this is an easy fix, so what's up with that, Harry?

I wouldn't even be mad if this wasn't the second time in a year he's tried to sneak these busted-ass shoes past us. Everyone's talking about what Meghan's wearing, and Eugenie's dress, and I'm over here like: "Uh. Has anyone seen Harry's shoes?" He's a candidate for's The Item I Wear to Death, for sure.

I was willing to give him a pass when he wore those shoes to close friend Charlie van Straubenzee's wedding in August, but now I'm not so sure. I assumed it was a mistake, he grabbed the wrong shoes, royals make mistakes just like us plebians, whatever. But now I know, I'm sure, this is an Act of Royal Rebellion. No one can tell me otherwise.

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Clearly he loves two things: Meghan, and these broken-down, busted-up shoes.

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