#ReadWithMC Didn't Want 'The Proposal' to End

"The thoughtfulness put into each character and their backstory was incredibly refreshing."

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Since Jasmine Guillory released her debut novel, The Wedding Dateearlier this year, fans have been itching to get their hands on her second book, The Proposal—and it's safe to say it was worth the wait. Readers have called it "the perfect beach read" and "incredibly refreshing" for its sweet (and steamy!) moments between the main characters, Nikole and Carlos.

Nik is Black and Carlos is Latino, both multidimensional in their own right and different from the "two white people looking for love" storyline we're so used to seeing and reading. The Proposal is the modern romance novel readers are hungry for in 2018. It's not high literature, but maybe that's why our book club loved it so much—when bombarded with such seriousness day in and day out, some frothy escapism is desired...and necessary. That said, Guillory sneaks in some capital-I important, real-world themes (interracial romance, emotional abuse) without weighing this fun read down.

See what readers honestly thought of the book, below, and find out how you can participate in next month's book club pick, here.

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to this delightful romance! I laughed so much and devoured this book within 24 hours. Nikole and Carlos have a great ‘meet cute’ and I fell hard for Carlos in all of his doctor-chef-family man glory! Nikole is smart, dedicated, and the best friend I desperately want to have. I wasn’t sure if it was possible for Guillory to top The Wedding Date, but I adored The Proposal even more! This one’s out now and I cannot recommend it enough." —@awordispower

"Absolutely obsessed with #TheProposal! The thoughtfulness put into each character and their backstory was incredibly refreshing. Love that once Nik and Carlos met you wanted them to be together. More importantly, I believe it was empowering to see Nik find her strength and allow herself to be vulnerable after her past relationships. I also love that they cooked together and ate Flaming Hot @cheetos because they’re my favorite snack of all time. 🔥 Jasmine Guillory is the perfect escape after the 2018 we’ve had. Am literally counting the days until her next book comes out in 2019!" —@klchavez27

"Sometimes the book you pack for vacation turns into your real life. I packed The Proposal for a trip with Luke last weekend and he proposed! Here are a couple pictures of me making the easiest decision of my life. On a book note, this follow-up was not for me. It was far too similar to The Wedding Date, down to the interracial couple and chance-meeting turned inseparable pair. I really enjoyed The Wedding Date as a fun read, but this was a less steamy retelling with different names." —@hattiesbookshelf

"Okay, so #theproposal might be one of my favorite reads of 2018. It's funny, refreshing, and I LOVE seeing a woman of color and an interracial relationship on my book pages! I loved this book so much, I've basically thrown my copy at my friends and said 'READ IT.'" —@lochnessamanda

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"Just finished this wonderful romantic novel. This is my first time reading Jasmine Guillory and it won’t be my last. I will say I wasn’t sure how it would work out at first. I felt like everything was laid out in the first chapter, but I’m so glad I continued on. I loved the character of Nikole. She was strong and determined, but still haunted by some of her exes. It felt very real. I loved Carlos and his need to be the protector of his family. I loved the ending and would recommend this if you are in the need for a light and fun read." —@literaryhedgehog

"#tbt to the perfect wintery day. If you haven’t 👀 The Proposal yet, it’s the ultimate cozy, treat-yourself read. But warning: it will make you hungry for empanadas and cupcakes, so don’t attempt on an empty stomach." —@sallyholmes

"@thebestjasmine's 'The Proposal' is the refreshing romance novel I didn't know I needed?! It wasn't cheesy, felt super realistic, and I loved how representative the characters were. (Though I do wish we knew more about Nik's fam!) I finished it in two days." —@rachelepstein_

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"I love love loved this book! Read it on the beach and never wanted it to end!" —@strollingthecityinheels

"Fans, you will be happy to know that this did NOT disappoint. And so, the story goes: Boy rescues girl from a outlandish proposal and massive embarrassment. Boy and girl eat lots of yummy spicy food and cupcakes. Boy is a sweet and sensitive family guy that doesn’t want a relationship to get in the way of taking care of his family. Girl has been hurt before and is determined not to fall in love. It might just take a trip down the dairy aisle at the grocery store to knock some sense into her.

I had a permanent grin on my face while reading this book. Maybe a tad cheesy at times, but the characters are just so charming and lovable. Sweet and sexy, this is the perfect palate cleanser. Grab a cupcake and settle in for this delightful read. I give The Proposal ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫’s." —@basicbsguide

"Thoroughly enjoyed reading The Proposal over my holiday break. While I found it rather predictable, it was a fun, positive (and steamy) distraction from the depressing news cycle." —@danismcnally

"I finished the book in two days. It's a good beach read because it's fun and the dialogue is enjoyable. I hope someone turns this into a movie. *Fingers crossed.*" —@marinaa2214

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