These Are Instagram's Most Popular Dog Breeds

Breaking news! We now have a definitive list of the most popular dogs on Instagram by breed, according to the hashtags used to tag photos. There are a few surprises on this list! Which dog came in first?

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Breaking news, people! We now have a definitive list of the most popular dog breeds on Instagram by breed, according to the hashtags used to tag photos. Initially reported in People, the actual number-crunching was done by MyVoucherCodes and combed through the literally millions of posts dedicated to our furry friends. So which dog ended up nabbing the top spot?

It's the French bulldog! This one actually doesn't come as a surprise. I happen to follow a number of famous Frenchies, and their combination of squished-up face and perky big ears tends to make them divinely photogenic, in my opinion.

The number two spot is the pug, which makes sense since it's similar facially to the French bulldog. The third place winner surprised me a bit—the chihuahua, which is a big small and timid for my taste—but number four, the English bulldog, is a return to the trend.

Numbers five and six, the labrador retriever and golden retriever respectively, won't shock anyone too much. The golden has been a fan favorite for years—a classic, non-trendy doggie, if you will. Seven is the Siberian husky, the derpy lovable goofball. In eighth place, we have its polar opposite, the diminutive dachshund.

Number nine is the circular-ball-of-fluff Pomeranian, and number 10 is, in a surprise twist, the Yorkshire terrier. Where's my love for the royal corgi? The German shepherd? The bulldog? I demand a recount.

Here's a look at the top three winners. (If you thought I wasn't going to use this post to share cute dog photos with you, you don't know me at all.)

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