All the Very Best Reactions to 'Bachelorette' Contestant John Paul Jones on Twitter

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Spoilers for the premiere of The Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette has already seen the craziest characters: A "box king," a freestyle rapper (not his profession, but it's how I'll ID him going forward), two pilots, a tractor-driving farmer, and a fence jumper. But Bachelor Nation was the most excited/irritated/enraged by a very special contestant by the name of John Paul Jones, who works at...John Paul Jones and likes to refer to himself in the third person a lot. Yet despite what looked like a truly annoying set of character traits, Hannah somehow...decided to keep him on? And the reactions, of course, were magical.

Bachelor Nation was not thrilled he got a rose (I'm guessing he's just there for drama, but TBD—could you imagine if he won it all and annoyed us all to death?):

But like what if she actually picked him??

Someone quoted him directly, because the words that just literally came out of his mouth were ridiculous enough:

There's the fact that he looks just like this Shrek character and now that's all I'll ever be able to see:

And/or every '90s to '00s villain in a rom-com:

Or just a regular old Disney villain:

Hannah's genuinely befuddled reaction to this extra, extra person:

There's incredulity over the fact that some how "The Box King" and the hot farmer "Matt Donald" went home instead:

There was speculation he miiight be a serial killer (lol):

And then, of course, more riffs on his talking about himself in the third person:

Actually, I've changed my mind. For the memes alone, I want him to stay.

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