'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Just Confirmed It—Yes, That Drink With Tyler Cameron Is Happening

Bachelorette fans, worry no more. Hannah, and Tyler, have just confirmed that drinks are indeed happening. We probably won't get a blow-by-blow but this bodes well for their post-show future.

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Bachelorette fans, worry no more. Hannah, and Tyler, have just confirmed that drinks are indeed happening. We probably won't get a blow-by-blow (I can hear Chris Harrison and the Bachelorette producers groaning in despair) but I think this bodes well for their post-show future. 

Hannah started last night's post by acknowledging how tough these past few months have been. "My love story might not have been the one I would have initially written for myself; however, falling more in love with the woman I am at the end of this journey is something I’ll always look back on fondly. This is not my ending; it’s just my beginning."

Then she tackled the question we've all been asking: Whether she and Tyler are going on that date for real. "Yes, the drink is happening. No, you’re not invited." Gah! Hannah! I must know everything! I want every loved-up photo between the two of you. I am begging you

In a more serious way, she praised Tyler in a huge way. "I’m really appreciative that Tyler has always had my back and supported me through all my decisions. He constantly encourages me to lean into the strong woman that I am. He’s a really good man, and I’m going to be his biggest fan in whatever makes him the most happy." Sniff.

To be honest, this reminds me a little of the Colton-Cassie situation on The Bachelor—not, like, in the fence jump situation, of course, but in the sense that the pair is taking their relationship away from the show's potentially prying eyes. Colton quit the show to pursue Cassie, wouldn't share anything about his overnight with her, and as of this moment, isn't engaged to her. But they are happily in love.

Here's Hannah's original post, and it's worth reading it in full:

Also, great use of visual, there, Hannah.

FYI, Tyler also shared an inspirational, real, positive photo confirming drinks (he says he's her biggest fan! Weeps). So it is on.


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