Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke Might Be More Grossed Out About Jon and Dany Than Anyone

There's a lot of gagging involved in this behind-the-scenes feature.

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On last night's Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally hooked up, as Bran Stark's voiceover confirmed they're actually aunt and nephew. While many fans were thrilled to see Jonerys consummate their relationship, others were less than impressed by this blatant incest, actors Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke included.


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In a post-episode segment titled "A Union of Fire and Ice" (blegh), Harington and Clarke, as well as Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), weigh in on the repercussions of #boatsex, and honestly, everyone seems super grossed out about it. In fact, these gifs of Clarke and Harington gagging over it might be the only good things to come from Jon and Dany's hook up:

In all seriousness, everyone knows this relationship will hit trouble once its participants learn the truth about Jon's bloodline. But Harington also acknowledges there was no way to avoid it. "I think they both know it's wrong, I think they both know it's gonna cause problems, but it's that thing—when you suddenly feel that deeply about someone, and you go through those events together; it's like a runaway train. You can't stop it happening."

Hempstead-Wright, on the other hand, seems incapable of processing just how much chaos and death Lyanna and Rhaegar's relationship caused. "This whole thing that started off the series of Game of Thrones, Robert's Rebellion, was a total lie. It's kind of mad." Tell us about it.

As for Dinklage, he's here to remind us that everyone will be affected by this Jon/Dany union: "It's not good...There's a long history of romance not ending well on this show."

Watch the full featurette below.

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