Yes, Peter Weber Has a Hand Tattoo

Yes, 'Bachelor' Peter Weber has a tiny hand tattoo of the number '12' — here's why.

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24
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Right now, Bachelor Nation wants to know one thing and one thing only. No, it's not who Peter Weber picked for his final selection (seriously, we still don't know, though there are spoilers at that link). No, instead fans are demanding answers about...that teeny-tiny finger tattoo Weber was sporting when he went on a one-on-one date with Sydney Hightower. As the two whispered sweet nothings to one another—Weber called her the best kisser of the group—and he reached up to caress Hightower's neck, fans collectively shrieked: "Wait, does Peter have a tattoo I didn't know about?" The answer to that question is: Yes. It's the number 12.

Weber got a matching tattoo with his brother.

As first spotted by Cosmopolitan, there actually is an old Us Weekly article in which Weber references the tattoo: "My brother and I got matching tattoos of the number 12 for our favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, after they won the Super Bowl."

This would have been in 2014, which means he's had the tattoo for potentially six years now. And, hilariously, no one noticed until right this moment.

Here's your up-close look at the drama-causing tat:

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And in case you want to see it in motion, you can spot it around minute 2:10 of the video right here:

Now the real question: Is that his ONLY tattoo?

Fans became intrigued.

Seriously, you would have thought that the Bachelor had tattooed the ending of his own season on there. 

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