What Airline Does 'Bachelor' Peter Weber Fly For?

Peter is actually a (very young) commercial pilot.

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We know that Peter Weber, the latest Bachelor—you can read all about that here—is a pilot. We know this because he wore his uniform in the first episode of The Bachelorette; because he actually took Hannah flying during hometown dates; and because of all the many, many puns and references about flying that have littered the past two seasons. So who does Peter Weber fly for, and is he a full pilot? Here's what we know about Peter's profession.

Peter is a commercial pilot.

Most people think he's a private pilot, since he flew a private plane with Hannah over his house and hometown of Westlake Village. However, Peter is actually a commercial pilot. I believe his family has (or at least rents) a private plane according to his Instagram:

So, clearly he has an awareness of all different types of planes. But his full-time job is with an airline you might recognize...

He accepted an offer to fly with Delta.

In March 2018, he accepted an offer to fly with Delta, so it's been nearly a year and a half since then.

And previously he worked for Compass Airlines (which is a regional airline).

Since he's been home post-show, according to his Instagram, he's been back and flying for Delta:

You can expect his season of The Bachelor to be filled with references to his job and to Delta (you know, when the women aren't making windmill puns). Prior to being announced as the lead of The Bachelor, Peter had posted a number of Instagram photos referencing Delta and his job there, so Delta is clearly okay with playing a role in this season.

His dad's a pilot too.

In sources talking to Reality Steve, it's very unusual for someone that young to be a full captain at such a young age (Peter is 27), although the timeline can be condensed with a regional airline. Sources insinuated that Peter might have had a helping hand from his pilot father, but there's no verification that this happened.

Either way, let's take a moment for what's really important: What Peter looks like in full uniform.

His season...really leans into the plane thing.

If you've spent even one minute watching Peter's season or the promos for it, you'll surely have picked up on the fact that Peter flies planes. It's no surprise, then, that promos show that Peter flies planes many, many times over the course of the season.

In episode one alone, Peter was filmed flying at least two or three different planes, and that's without mentioning the "flight school" date or the terminals he was filmed strutting through. (Okay, I'll admit it—he looked really good doing that.)

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