When Is the Finale of 'Love Is Blind', Exactly?

Deliver it straight to my eyeballs, please.

Following the debut of Netflix's hilarious/strange/totally surreal reality show Love Is Blind, fans have absolutely fallen in love with—or, at least, loved to hate-watch—this social experiment. The notion of falling in love, getting engaged, and then meeting that person face-to-face is utterly crazy, but several couples are absolutely on their way towards "forever love." And the season finale is juuuuust around the corner (come faster, Thursday), so if you're caught up, or even if you're not, the answers you've been waiting for are finally here. Grab the popcorn, wine, or whatever snack is your favorite, and settle in for some craziness (and probably some tears, too). 

The finale drops on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 3 a.m.

You'd be forgiven for being confused: Netflix released the show in "packets," with the first five and then next four just a week apart. The finale, which is twice as long as a normal episode and is titled "The Weddings," will come to us on February 27, 3:01 a.m. EST. I mean: If you want to wait up and watch it, go for it, but I'm pretty sure it can wait until the following night? Judging how rabid fan reactions have been, though, I'm preeeetty sure we're going to have some very tired fans the next morning.

It was filmed over a year ago.

Damian Powers, one of the contestants, shared with Refinery29 that the show wrapped in November 2018, so I absolutely guarantee that a lot has happened since then. I feel like I'm going to need a Love Is Blind After the Final Rose-esque ceremony, please and thanks. (There's been talk about a "where are they now" aspect to the last episode, FYI). If you want to spoil yourself about where the couples stand now, here are some clues, but TBH you don't have long to wait until the whole damn thing is delivered directly to your TV.

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