Netflix's 'Dating Around' Season 3: Everything We Know

Who knew watching strangers go on blind dates could be so fun!

One of life's greatest pleasures is the art of the reality dating show. Every day, I thank my lucky stars that I was somehow here on this Earth at a moment when I could watch two people falling in love in the comfort of my own home. Recently, the show that's been filling that void is Netflix's Dating Around.

Unlike other dating shows by the streaming giant, the premise for this one is relatively normal. Six different singles go on five different blind dates. They'll get drinks, dinner, perhaps a nightcap, and then go home. At the end of each episode, the singleton will pick a person to go on a second date. Yup, that's it! No crazy gimmicks like we've seen in past on shows like Love Is Blind and Too Hot to Handle.

The cast changes each season. The first season we met some people looking for love in New York City, and for the second season, they're from New Orleans. As for upcoming seasons, time will tell—but let's dive in on if there is even going to be a third season, shall we?

netflix's 'dating around'


Netflix hasn't confirmed a season three yet.

Cue the waterworks! Yes, I'm as bummed as you are that we don't have confirmation. I'm crossing my fingers, though, because it did only just premiere on June 12, so we'll give them some time.

It's also important to note that while Dating Around didn't get the hype of the streaming giant's other dating shows, it did get renewed! According to Vulture, the year-long gap between the first and second season announcement led some viewers (me!) to think the show was a goner. The truth of the matter was that the second season had already filmed. A rep for the series told Bustle season two of the show filmed in October 2019.

So, what does this mean for the third season? It's unclear—the show could get renewed, but that means it wouldn't come out on Netflix probably until 2021 due to COVID-19 halting the majority of productions. Here's hoping for the best!

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