The Cast of 'Dating Around' Season 2: The People Looking for Love

In a surprising twist, none of them are influencers!

Dating Around

It's as though the reality show gods have heard my pleas by gifting me season two of Netflix's Dating Around. Arguably the top tier of Netflix's  (opens in new tab)dating shows (sorry, Love is Blind (opens in new tab)), the show's second season premiered on June 12. This time around, the six singles going on five different blind dates are from New Orleans (opens in new tab), and we know the names and bios of five of them: Brandon, Ben, Demi, Justin, and Deva. If you're new to the Dating Around fan club, I'll break it all down for you.

It's a simple premise: The person goes on five different blind dates, starting with drinks (opens in new tab) first, then dinner. After dinner ends, they decide if they want to have a nightcap together or end it there. By the end of the show, the single chooses who they wish to accompany them to go on a second date.

Yes, it's truly that simple. No blind weddings, the daters are allowed to kiss (opens in new tab), and there's no grand cash prize. So, like, it's actually relatable—if you put aside the fact a camera crew is there filming your first date (opens in new tab) with five different people.

Speaking of people, you probably want to know more about the people who decided to take this plunge for love (opens in new tab)! Ahead, here's everything you need to know about the six singles from the latest season of Dating Around.

Heather Rose Salvaggio

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Age: Unknown

What We Know: She's a makeup artist and has a YouTube (opens in new tab) channel. She also has another Instagram (opens in new tab) for her MUA career, which she's been in for eight years.

Brandon Bordelon

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Age: Unknown

What We Know: Brandon is a kindergarten teacher  (opens in new tab)for a charter school for over three years. (opens in new tab)

Demi Diaz

Age: 26

What We Know: It looks like she currently has a boyfriend (opens in new tab)...but is it one of the guys she went on a blind date with? She's also the CEO of her own company, The Young Workaholic (opens in new tab), that strives to change the narrative of what the ideal work-life balance looks like

Ben Samuel

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Age: Unknown

What We Know: He's an assistant professor of computer science at University of New Orleans, but he does have a couple of acting jobs (opens in new tab) under his belt.

Justin Bigting

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Age: 31

What We Know: Justin works in finance, is really into fitness (opens in new tab), and is a dog dad to a very cute boxer.

Deva Mahal

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Age: Unknown

What We Know: She's a soul and R&B singer, and her dad is Grammy-winning artist Taj Mahal. Besides singing, she's also been in the Oscar-nominated film American Hustle according to SFJazz (opens in new tab)

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