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michael anderson
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It has been my good fortune to have been traveling around the world lately—London, Paris, and New York, among others. I don't often miss being home in Los Angeles, but when I do, it's because of the music scene. Los Angeles is arguably still the most important place on earth for music, so I wanted an eclectic offering from this Mecca. At the heart of the LA music scene is Silverlake. With notable clubs like Spaceland and The Echo, Silverlake provides an oasis of freedom to create independently from "the machinery". From indie rock frontrunner Nico Stai to the eccentric Goth producer Deathelectric, this is a play list that is oozing with originality and independence.

NICO STAI / Dead Pony (opens in new tab) / Dead Pony EP

ROBERT FRANCIS / Junebug (opens in new tab) / Before Nightfall

FASCINOMA / Straight Up (Paula Abdul Cover) (opens in new tab) / Fascinoma

WARPAINT / Billie Holiday (opens in new tab) / Exquisite Corpse

SUMMER DARLING / Little Armenia (opens in new tab) / I Know You - I Never Knew You

DEERHEART / Oh So Safe (opens in new tab) / Deerheart EP

DEATHELECTRIC / Lipstick and Cigarettes (opens in new tab) / In The Evening Sun

GLISS / Morning Light (opens in new tab) / Devotion Implosion

THE MOVIES / Missed Opportunities (opens in new tab) / Based On A True Story

EAGLE and TALON / Dropped Down (opens in new tab) / Eagle and Talon Cares

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Michael Anderson is the founding partner of Sixteen 14 Global (opens in new tab), an independent music and entertainment company based in Los Angeles and London.

michael anderson

(Image credit: Michael Anderson)